PWC100 Guidelines for Candidates Forum

Last Revised July 14, 2021

Forum Rules

  • All candidates participating in the Forum will be treated equally.

  • There will be no surrogates. If a candidate refuses the invitation, statements submitted in lieu of the candidate’s appearance will not be read.

  • The Sponsors will choose and announce the Moderator as soon as possible.

  • The Sponsors’ Question Committee will prepare questions for the moderator to ask. The questions will not be provided the candidates before they are asked at the forum.

  • All questions asked must be suitable for response by all candidates.

  • Candidates may bring notes to the table and take notes during the forum. Props, including but not limited to charts, diagrams or other displays are not permitted.

  • Candidates will be introduced by the moderator while they are seated at the table.

  • The audience will be instructed not to engage in distracting or disruptive demonstrations of support or opposition of a candidate during the forum.

  • The format will include two-minute opening statements and two-minute closing statements.

  • A coin toss will determine the candidate who makes the first opening statement. The candidate losing the coin toss will be given the choice of position in making a closing statement.

  • The forum will next proceed to questions with each candidate having one minute to answer each question. All candidates on the panel will be asked to answer the same question posed before a second question is asked. The first candidate to respond to the first question will be determined by coin tosses. The other candidate will be first responder to the next question. The first response to subsequent questions will alternate between the candidates.

  • Rebuttal time of 30 seconds will be allowed each candidate after both have answered the question.

  • The moderator may ask one question of the candidates during the forum. (The same question for all.)

  • There will be no questions by a candidate to another candidate.

  • Timers will use a 30-second warning sign, a 15-second sign, and a Stop sign.

  • The Forum may be recorded (video and audio) by the Sponsors and by those giving advance notice to the Sponsors in accordance with the Committee of 100 video guidelines (see Operating Procedures on website.).

  • Outside media will be invited into the site and the candidates, at their discretion, may choose to participate in any media opportunities presented.

  • Campaign materials inside the venue may be placed on the designated table for each candidate. No balloons, signs or other large distracting campaign materials will be allowed inside the room where the forum is taking place.

  • Rules of the venue regarding signs outside the building or room shall be observed.

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