Past Programs 2011

October 2011 - Candidate Forum Series

October 26th Program - Candidate Forum for Gainesville District Supervisor, PW BOCS, and Chairman, Prince William Board of County Supervisors.

Moderator: Randi Reid, Owner/Publisher Bull Run Observer, Manassas Observer, Old Bridge Observer and BullRunnow.com

Gainesville District Supervisor, PW BOCS (open seat): Peter Candland (R) vs. Ann Wheeler (D)

Please click here to see the video of this program. video missing

Moderator: Jonathan Hunley, Editor/General Manager, The News Virginian

Chairman, Prince William Board of County Supervisors: Chairman Corey Stewart* (R) vs. John Gray (I) vs. Dr. Babur Lateef (D)

Please click here to see the video of this program video missing.

* = incumbent

October 12th Program - Candidate Forum for Coles District Supervisor, PW BOCS, Virginia Senate District 29 and Virginia Senate District 39.

Moderator: Dr. Jack Kooyoomjian, Vice President, Prince William Committee of 100

Coles District Supervisor, PW BOCS: Marty Nohe* (R), vs Anthony Arnold (D)

Please click here to see the video of this program. video missing

Moderator: Mark Segraves, WTOP News Radio

Senate District 29: Sen. Charles Colgan* (D) vs.Tom Gordy (R)

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Senate District 39: Sen. George Barker* (D) vs. Miller Baker (R)

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* = incumbent

September 2011 - Candidate Forum Series

September 29th Program - Candidate Forum for the Virginia Senate District 13 and Virginia House of Delegates District 13.

Moderator: Bruce DePuyt, Host of News Talk – News Channel 8

Senate District 13 (open seat): former Del. Dick Black (R) vs. Shawn Mitchell (D)

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House of Delegates District 13: Del. Bob Marshall* (R) vs. Carl Genthner (D)

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* = incumbent

September 14th Program - Candidate Forum for the Virginia House of Delegates District 2, Virginia House of Delegates District 52 and Virginia Senate District 36.

Moderator: Matt Brock, Director, Media Relations, Washington Hospital Center

House of Delegates District 2 (open seat): Mark Dudenhefer (R) vs. Esteban Garces (D)

House of Delegates District 52: Del. Luke Torian* (D) vs. Cleveland Anderson (R)

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Senate District 36: Sen. Linda (Toddy) Puller* (D) vs. former Del. Jeff Frederick (R)

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* = incumbent

May 2011. Social networking has been credited with bringing down regimes in Egypt and Tunisia.

  • It is that powerful?
  • What is all this texting, tweeting and friending?
  • It is the new way to communicate with friends, and does it replace or augment face-to-face interaction?
  • How does all this information compromise our privacy?
  • Does it leave us vulnerable to cyber crimes?

Click here to see the video of the May program.


Jason Grant, Communications Director, Prince William County


Cherie Lejeune, Life Long Communicator and Entrepreneur who writes the "Digiboom" column for Vienna Patch

Hayley Tsukayama, Technology Reporter for The Washington Post

Representative, Prince William County Police Department Services (TBA)

April 2011

April 21st Program -- Eccentric, Mentally Ill, or Dangerous? Virginia Tech: What Did We Learn? Watch the Forum video here.

It has been four years since the Virginia Tech shootings, but only a few months ago in Arizona a young man shot a Member of Congress and a number of bystanders. Please join us for an informative panel discussion on mental health that will try to answer the following questions:

  • How can we as citizens intercede when we think that someone is mentally ill and needs professional help?
  • What about privacy, liability, and civil rights concerns?
  • What is involved with involuntary commitment?
  • How much information can be shared amongst agencies such as police departments, schools, courts, and mental health professionals to keep the community safe?




Charlie Deane, Chief of Police, Prince William County

Anne T. Godson, Criminal Defense Attorney, Special Justice, and Chair of the Community Criminal Justice Board

Rita M. Romano, Emergency Services Division Manager, Prince William County Community Services

March 2011

March 18th Program -- The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly of the 2011 Session of the General Assembly. Watch the Forum video here.

Please join us for a Friday night forum where members of the Prince William delegation to the Virginia General Assembly will report on the just concluded session as well as upcoming sessions. Here are some of the questions that may be answered:

  • We've heard about some of the major legislation that passed, but what other bills are going to the Governor for signature?
  • What really happened behind the scenes in Richmond?
  • What can we expect from next month's redistricting session?
  • Are we bringing home the bacon to Prince William?
  • Will VA be more competitive with its neighbors in biotechnology and high-tech industries?
  • Will Hot Lanes, hybrids in HOV, and state-owned ABC stores continue to be issues?
  • Will immigration reform become a perennial issue?
  • What were the winners and losers in the budget?


Hank Silverberg, Reporter, WTOP Radio


Senator George L. Barker (39th)

Senator Charles J. “Chuck” Colgan (29th)

Delegate Richard L. “Rich” Anderson (51st)

Delegate L. Scott Lingamfelter (31st)

Delegate Robert G. “Bob” Marshall (13th)

Delegate Jackson H. Miller (50th)

Delegate Luke E. Torian (52nd)

February 2011

February 17th Program -- Changing the Political Climate in the Prince William Area. Watch the Forum videohere.

Every ten years, election districts must be redrawn to reflect the census results and to assure equal representation. Come learn about the state and local process by hearing from the experts and those working in the heat of the process. We will have the inside scoop so come early and get a seat and find out what's in store for you.

Is Prince William poised for more magisterial districts?

How could additional seats or the elimination of the at-large chairman seat affect the dynamics of the BOCS?

What could an extra district cost the citizens to fund?

Can the Prince William area expect a bigger piece of the pie down in Richmond with more votes in the General Assembly?

How can citizens assure the entire redistricting process is fair and square?


Sharon Pandak, Attorney, Greehan, Taves, Pandak & Stoner, PLLC and former Prince William County Attorney


Olga Hernandez, President, League of Women Voters of Virginia

The Honorable John T. Stirrup, Jr., Gainesville District Supervisor, Prince William Board of County Supervisors

Bill Vaughn, Prince William County Economist and Demographer

January 2011

January 20 Program – College Degree or Trade School; What is Important in Today's Job Market? Watch the forum video here.

Where are the jobs today and in the next decade?

How can today's workforce be best prepared with the skills necessary to obtain these jobs?

How far can a high school education take you with trade school training?

Have community colleges become the primary standard for workforce training?

Is a university degree a requirement by employers?


Dr. Sam Hill, Provost, NVCC-Woodbridge


Rob Clapper, CEO, Prince William Chamber of Commerce

Jana Yeates, Co-founder and CEO of Employment Enterprises, a national staffing and outsourced HR services company

Michael Bishton, Manassas Training Coordinator, Joint Apprenticeship and Training Committee

Victor Martin, Supervisor of Multicultural Education, Prince William County Schools