NORM MOSHER is a resident of Irvington, VA. He served as Chair of the Lancaster County Democratic Committee. He was a Virginia delegate to the National Democratic Convention in Boston. Norm learned to represent the needs of his community and solve problems serving six years on the Irvington Town Council. Norm is a product of public school education and went on to graduate from Boston University with a Bachelor of Arts degree and later earned a Master of Arts degree in International Relations and a Master of Arts in Law and Diplomacy from the Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy at Tufts University. Norm retired from the Navy with the rank of Captain. During his 26 year career, he commanded ships in both the Atlantic and the Pacific, and a squadron of destroyers in the Pacific. In Viet Nam, he advised a paramilitary group patrolling the coast and the mouth of the Mekong River in wooden junks. He returned to Viet Nam in command of his first ship, which was awarded the Navy Unit Commendation for its performance in the war zone. He has been awarded three combat decorations: The Legion of Merit with Combat Distinguishing Device, The Bronze Star with Combat Distinguishing Device, and the Air Medal.

Following retirement from the Navy, he became a Professional Staff Member of the Senate Armed Services Committee chaired by Senator Sam Nunn. Norm also worked closely with Senator Ted Kennedy and was responsible for analytical oversight of $25 billion of the DoD budget for R&D and Procurement for the Navy, Marine Corps, and Special Operations forces.

Norm left government to start his own consulting company specializing in ocean research, shipbuilding, ship propulsion systems, and related areas. His clients included the world’s leading ocean research institution, where he developed an interest in the science underlying global warming and climate change. Currently, Norm serves as a board member of LJI, INC, a nonprofit developing programs for at-risk girls in India rescued from human trafficking.

Norm is focused on empowering the American workforce by broadening the middle class with initiatives to invest in education and infrastructure, and raising the minimum wage. Norm is dedicated to Democratic principles, he is a hardworking husband, father, and grandfather who has served our Nation and knows how to solve problems and get results. Just what we need in Congress today.